How to apply?

To apply or to enroll in Saurya College you must follow the following steps:

Step 1: Informal Meeting

-You can come to our college to get to know about us , our teachers and institute as a whole. We will also assist you about the documents you have to bring for your admission.

Step 2: Certificates & Application

-You will be given a form to fill out( which you should fill out sincerely) and you should also bring photocopies of certificates needed for admission.

Step 3: Entrance Test*

-Once the necessary steps are completed you will be told to sit for an entrance test. The entrance test in our college consists of MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions) and an essay writing.

Step 4: Scholarships and offers**

-Scholarships are given to outstanding students who have acquired  outstanding marks in both SLC and our entrance test. There are also other criteria where you can get scholarships.

(*The timetable for entrance test is given in Key Dates below.)

(**View Scholarships section for further details on scholarships and offers.)


Key Dates:

  • Entrance Date: 21 Ashad, 2073 (5 July, 2016)
  • Interview and enrollment: 22 Ashad, 2073 (6 July, 2016)
  • Orientation program: 8 Shrawan, 2073 (23 July, 2016)
  • Class Commencement: 10 Shrawan, 2073 (25 July, 2016)



We are here for your success story. Make it happen.